Mortgage Broking Service Melbourne


At Tick Mortgage Solutions, we understand that your home is more than a place to live and so we are committed to providing the best home loan broking service. As a licensed mortgage broker in Australia, we offer a wide variety of mortgage options for home buyers. We work with many home mortgage lenders and help our clients get their best-suited home loans to meet their needs.

A reliable mortgage broking service in Melbourne from a reputable company like Tick Mortgage Solutions is a must for anyone looking for a home loan. We help our clients navigate the minefield of home loans available in Melbourne. Our expert mortgage brokers handle all the investigations for you to get you the best deal. Whether you require a home loan, residential loan or investment property loan, count on our mortgage broking service in Melbourne and get your loan in the simplest and fastest possible way. We have a solid reputation that has helped us get connected to many of the decision-makers in various banks. As a result, we can obtain residential loans, home loans and investment home loans that many other mortgage brokers are unable to provide. Secure your dream property with a loan that is perfect for you and your situation through our mortgage broking service in Melbourne.

Why Choose to Work with Tick Mortgage Solutions?

When there is an unlimited choice of mortgage lenders and brokers, why choose our mortgage broking service in Melbourne? Simply because we are true experts in this field and provide exceptional service. Most of our business comes from repeat clients or referrals from them. This is because of our deep knowledge of the lending models and set of criteria of every financial institution along with extensive experience in the lending industry. So, we quickly identify your needs and provide you with your best-suited mortgage solutions. With over 15 years in the industry, we know how to handle your loan inquiry without any hassle and assist with the settlement of your loan and beyond through our top-class mortgage broking service in Melbourne. We can work with you both over the phone or online and guarantee to make the process of getting a loan as simple as possible. We work with a holistic approach to assess your financial situation and future goals so that you get the right mortgage solutions that meet your needs. Our relationship with a large number of lenders allows us to negotiate a sharp interest rate depending on the strength of your application.

You might think why to choose a mortgage broker if you can go with a bank for seeking mortgage solutions. Unlike any bank, we have different lenders to choose from with different policies that guarantee the approval of your home loan and not damaging your credit file. We also deal with the banks to follow up on the advancement of your loan for you to save your time and hassles in doing it. We have effective systems set up to track your loan and furnish you with necessary updates. Our mortgage brokers are highly trained and have years of experience in providing world-class mortgage broking service in Melbourne.

The mortgage industry is involved with complex policy catches. So, we make sure that we consider your full situation and then provide appropriate solutions through our mortgage broking service in Melbourne. Many other lenders might support a loan for someone to purchase land but not approve the loan to construct a house on it. We carry out a thorough loan evaluation process and consider your present, as well as future needs and ensure that we are getting you the most suitable mortgage solutions for your requirements. What to do if you don’t qualify now? Don’t worry, we will assist you with getting to the stage where approval of the loan will not be an issue. Our expert mortgage brokers will help you through our exceptional mortgage broking service in Melbourne with the complex pre-approval and application process that will make owning your home in an easy way and in much less time. We will be with you even when your home loan is advanced. We offer excellent continuous customer care by conducting yearly audits on your home loan.

Trusted Mortgage Service Company

If you need a customised, bespoke mortgage service, Tick Mortgage Solutions is for you. We know that the period spent attempting to get a home or business loan is vital and we communicate in a brief and compassionate way. Since the banking sector is intricate and complex, we improve on your choices and track down the right mortgage loan solutions for you. As a matter of fact, we evaluate much more than an average mortgage broker. As a leading bearer in the expert mortgage brokering market, Tick Mortgage Solutions crunch the additional expenses of the loaning process by providing incredible rates.

Our world-class customer service is what sets us apart from other mortgage companies. We have a dedicated in-house team that will answer all your questions. When you contact us to learn more about our mortgage broking service in Melbourne or have other queries, our friendly team members will guide you through your home loan application process and beyond. Our team is highly qualified and compliant. You will have the peace of mind that you are in safe hands and get the best mortgage broking service in Melbourne that suits your needs. We always work with your interests in mind as you, our client is our top priority. We are focused on making your home purchase a reality. Whether it is your first home purchase or you need to secure an investment property, our mortgage broking service in Melbourne will help you get the loan in a way that is transparent, rewarding and totally unbiased to any bank or financial institution. We also educate our clients on the complex property purchasing market. By comparing a wide range of loans, Tick Mortgage Solutions assists you to get the loan that suits your unique circumstances.

Look no further than the mortgage broking service in Melbourne of Tick Mortgage Solutions to procure a suitable home loan. Contact us first!